Our collection of classic rural and industrial showers are of high quality and allow you to relax

In addition to relaxing in a bath, it is also good to sit in the shower under a beautiful classic rain shower.

Some models feature a thermostat. This allows you to set the temperature very easily.
You can choose from built-in or fitted shower faucets.
Windsorbathrooms.nl build-up taps are available in different versions. For example with stopcock and main shower. Or with double stop crane, adjustable handset on the riser and head shower.
The built-in shower faucets are available with single or double stop cranes, wall glider set and a shower bracket on the wall.

Are there any loose accessories available?

There is a wide choice of various shower accessories for your bathroom, such as shower nets , curtain rails , shower hose, shower heads and more.

The 1903 cranes are made of brass and are 100% Made In England .